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If you want to set up parental controls on plex so no one can access the adult category or any movies over a certain age range then follow this guide below.

Please note: We can remove the whole adult categories from our side, just contact us and we will remove them from your plex completely.

If you want to set a pin code to your account then follow the below.


1. Sign into the web browser version of Plex here

2. Click on “Launch” to launch the plex platform

click launch on plex

3. Now click on your profile picture and choose “Users & Sharing

4. Now click on the create managed users (This will allow you to set up a profile just for your kids and set an age restriction on the movies and adult content”

5. Enter a username for the new profile you want to set up for your child and choose an age rating then click on continue.

set up a new managed user in plex

6. You can now untick box the boxes and click on Add.

untick both boxes

7. You will need to set a Pin Code and click Save. This is so you can keep your account locked away from your child and easily change between accounts within plex..

set a plex pin code

8. Now when you are using Plex in your app such as on your Smart TV, firestick, or any other device you can click on “Switch User” and when you go to your profile you will need to enter the pin code you chose.

Please note: You can also set up a managed user and even a pin for each of your children too in case one is 15 and the other is 5 this will allow you to restrict the content to the settings you have chosen.

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